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What is Agape (ah-gah-pee)?

Agape is the Ancient Greek word for “divine love” meaning “the highest form of love, charity” and “the love of God for man and of man for God”.  Agape expresses itself in action. Hence our corporation’s name “Agape Hospice and Palliative Care” was selected.


Hospice is a special concept of care designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families. This support is provided to those when a life-limiting illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatments.

Hospice care is constructed to maintain comfort for you and your loved ones during the final phase of life.

Hospice care focuses on your wellbeing and provides a better quality of life, with the goal to enable you to have an alert, pain-free life and live each day as fully as possible.  


It is our mission to be compassionate and flexible instilling hope while supporting self-directed living through the final stages of life and honoring the dignity of all people regardless of their circumstance.

We are working toward being a Medicare / Medicaid certified, non-profit Healthcare Corporation.  We were formed to provide hospice and palliative home care to people who have terminal or chronic conditions in our community.


We offer support for Families.

Hospice offers extensive support and care from professional staff and volunteers to maintain the highest respect for patients and their families.

Hospice provides bereavement support and guidance counseling from a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Grieving is a natural process and can include a range of difficult emotions.  Hospice offers support that is essential when grieving the loss of a loved one. 


  • Lois Erquiaga, LCSW
  • Hope Bauer, RN
  • Vicki Hinton, RN
  • Abby Burkhart, RN
  • Nancy Anderson
Please contact us if you are interested in serving or volunteering at:


105 Carson Road
P.O. Box 1063
Battle Mountain, NV 89820